Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Decorating With Joy

Despite the doom and gloom the past few weeks, the round of colds went around the house, & my chronic illness kicking me back down.... the house is full of that warmth I love this time of year! The decorations has made it our sanctuary as it always has around this time of year. Things can't be so bad if you are surrounded by twinkling lights, bath&body works winter plugins, & cuddling up to fight the cold, right?

I love tealights! LOVE LOVE LOVE. I go through many this season every year. I barely touch our light switches. My wife says downstairs is too dark, but pft I can barely see in the dark & I can see just fine ;] haha. Last year I found some on Amazon that light for 7 hours and they are reasonably priced because if you have ever bought tealights you know that their price tag can be hefty. 100 for $15 that last for 7 hours? Yes please! Watch their price because sometimes they go down to $10! You can find them here, www.amazon.com

But yes, here is to be the crazy families who decorates in November! You guys are the real mvps!

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