Monday, November 28, 2016

A Long Holiday Weekend

What a great long weekend! I am so sad that it is over. We really got in the Thanksgiving/Christmas mood over the weekend, far more collectively than we ever have. It was amazing and I wish I could hit the rewind button. 

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My daughter had Wednesday off from school so we decided to go have a mama & daughter date. We were supposed to see the 3D version of Trolls at what I thought was 10:30AM, but I read the time wrong. Apparently they decided to show a 3D kids movie at 10:30PM...anyways, we decided to stop by Books-a-Million and grab some festive drinks and look for Christmas Presents while we waited for the next available movie time. It was so much fun looking through all their cute holiday stuff with her! It makes me so happy she flips out as much as I do over Harry Potter & Disney stuff.

The movie was too stinkin cute! I could seriously go watch it again. I loved the music! There are so many great movies out this year. I think whatever money we had leftover from Christmas presents has gone straight to our local movie theater.

We started off Thanksgiving morning with biscuits, coffee, & mimosas while we watched the amazing Thanksgiving parade. Why can't every morning start that way?! It was so nice! The only thing was missing was my daughter because she spent the night (probably getting spoiled haha!) at my mother-in-laws.

We spent Thanksgiving at my mother-in-laws house! It was so nice seeing everyone, especially my adorable niece & nephew! They always make me swoon.

My daughter has done that growing thing again. Moms know what I'm talking about! You blink your eyes and suddenly they are a few inches taller and just all around feel more grown up. That is where I was at. Luckily before I turned into a hot mess, because I cry at things like that at a drop of a hat haha, she cuddled with her stuffed animal Zero & made a silly face. It reminded me she is still little and has a long way to go.

After we enjoyed our meal and talked with family for a bit, we headed over to the theater to go see Moana! Which was amazing! What a cute movie, highly recommended to those with littles.

Saturday night was a dream! After we put up Christmas lights outside, we all cuddled around the fireplace and watched clayamation movies. All my candles were lit, the Christmas tree was a'glow, and adults had hot glasses of gluhwein. It was perfect! If I dare think about it too long I bet I would once again turn into a hot mess! It was just so warm & fuzzy, everything Christmas is truly about, I couldn't of asked for a more perfect night.

Well I hope everyone had a long, relaxing, & festive weekend! I know we did!

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