Friday, July 28, 2017

A Special Birthday & Bff Session

These photos were so much fun! I have to credit the two girls who were definitely the fun deliverers. They had a blast despite the heat, humidity, bugs, & taller shoes. It is hard to get my daughter to take photos with me {her curse of having a paparazzi mama}, but she didn't seem to mind with her bbf by her side!

This was mostly just a birthday session for the gorgeous Gracie. She is super smart, hilarious, & a total sweet heart! Also, look at those freckles & that hair! So swoon worthy! Such an amazing young lady!

I really want to do more bff sessions in the future, I think it brings out kids' genuine expressions and sparks their own creativity for poses they would like to do. I think it also makes it way more bearable for them.

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