Friday, July 28, 2017

A Special Birthday & Bff Session

These photos were so much fun! I have to credit the two girls who were definitely the fun deliverers. They had a blast despite the heat, humidity, bugs, & taller shoes. It is hard to get my daughter to take photos with me {her curse of having a paparazzi mama}, but she didn't seem to mind with her bbf by her side!

This was mostly just a birthday session for the gorgeous Gracie. She is super smart, hilarious, & a total sweet heart! Also, look at those freckles & that hair! So swoon worthy! Such an amazing young lady!

I really want to do more bff sessions in the future, I think it brings out kids' genuine expressions and sparks their own creativity for poses they would like to do. I think it also makes it way more bearable for them.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bffs, Pool Time, & Sleepovers

This summer has made me realize that pool visits get so much easier when kids get older and they know how to swim. It is amazing how much that brings down the overall stress level! All you have to do as a mom/supervisor is provide friends, sunscreen, & snacks for a relaxing poolside experience. Count me in!

I think when it comes to pool time now in days, I'm more stressful to my daughter than she is to me because I constantly feel like I have to ask her if she is doing okay and if she is hydrated. We have got to the age where I get the eye-roll and the... "Really, Mama? I'm fine."

C'est la vie!

I feel like these are the summers that really count. While they are little and can stand to be around us. We need all the pool time & weekday sleepovers we can get!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

All About Those Loom Bracelets

Wonderloom = Best money ever spent.


Our daughter received one for her birthday from us, and lemme tell ya, she rarely puts it down. For summer break, this was an absolutely perfect gift! I would much rather her spend the day making everyone in our family (including the dogs) bracelets, than her having screen time.

& let's be honest. I find it slightly addictive too. I also now have a loom bracelet for every occasion.

Friday, July 7, 2017

I See A Beige Wall & I Want To Paint It Black

One day, while becoming increasingly annoyed at how we haven't done any sort of home improvement on our house, I stared at the bottom of our staircase and decided we were going to turn it into a giant chalkboard wall. I knew the chances of it happening were slim to none because we are not a handy family in the slightest. We are procrastinators in every sense of the word.
We decided while our daughter was visiting her Oma in Flordia we would surprise her with it when she got home. Surprise, Surprise we actually went through with it! 

She loved it & has already drawn all over it! She thinks it is the coolest thing ever and tried to talk us into doing more of the house. Which is not going to happen, haha!

I can't wait to do some Halloween & Christmas stuff on it when the time comes! And maybe, eventually, doing more projects around the house.