Friday, July 7, 2017

I See A Beige Wall & I Want To Paint It Black

One day, while becoming increasingly annoyed at how we haven't done any sort of home improvement on our house, I stared at the bottom of our staircase and decided we were going to turn it into a giant chalkboard wall. I knew the chances of it happening were slim to none because we are not a handy family in the slightest. We are procrastinators in every sense of the word.
We decided while our daughter was visiting her Oma in Flordia we would surprise her with it when she got home. Surprise, Surprise we actually went through with it! 

She loved it & has already drawn all over it! She thinks it is the coolest thing ever and tried to talk us into doing more of the house. Which is not going to happen, haha!

I can't wait to do some Halloween & Christmas stuff on it when the time comes! And maybe, eventually, doing more projects around the house.

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